PRO100 Course is a financial and investment literacy training project

Our main goal: to give understanding and practical skills in investing in an understandable and accessible form using elements of the game, so that each person can independently create assets that bring income and retirement benefits. Our mission: we form a community of conscious, financially secure and happy people.

What you will learn in our courses:

• What is an investment. Investment evaluation criteria.

• How to become an investor. Where to start investing? At what age to invest? How much start-up capital do you need?

• Investing strategies. Do it yourself or trust a professional? Why is it profitable to give money to management?

• Intermediaries in investing. How to choose an "honest" broker and how to work with him in the future.

• How the stock market works. The first deals.

• How and where to invest to increase capital.

• Exchange instruments and their varieties.

• The concept of portfolio investment.

• Bidding: analysis of news background, search and selection of investment ideas, portfolio formation.

• How to create an investment portfolio that will feed you for many years.

• Taxation and optimization.

• Risks in investing and how to reduce them.

• Tools for earning.

• Investing in cryptocurrencies: trading, robots, secure storage of crypto assets and protection against fraud, work with BalletCrypto wallets.

Our speakers:


• Independent financial advisor

• Regular investor

• Certified coach and business coach

• Host of board and online games

• Author of the training game "Genius of Finance" (v.1)

• Author of exclusive finance and investment training programs

• Game practitioner


• Official representative of CryptoRobotics in Europe

• Director of DistributedLab Hungary

• Economist

• Banking audit specialist

• Expert in the field of cryptocurrency with 5 years of experience

• More than 2500 students of author's courses for the last 3 years. Participants have successfully mastered the mechanisms used in the cryptocurrency market.

Our courses:

1. Beginner course "5 steps to conscious investing"

2. Full course "Permanent Investor"

3. "Cryptocurrency in the real world"

4. Financial online marathon "Self-consultant"

5. Online marathon on effectiveness "I am proactive: how to become proactive"

6. "Investing in an IPO"

7. "Real investment"

8. Individual consultations